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Carmen's Kitchen
We only use the finest meats, poultries, and produce to ensure that every tamales is of the highest quality.  Our tamales will please meat lover, and vegetarians.  
"So, glad I had Carmen's cater my wedding. The tamales were amazing and created a truly memorable experience."  
'These were the most flavorful  tamales I've ever had.  Carmen's has raised tamales to a whole new level."
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  • Green Chicken Tamales

    Our philosophy on chicken tamales is to eat as many as possible. They are addicting all thanks to our lean slow roasted chicken. It's simmered in fresh green chili, and poblano peppers. Wrapped in homemade masa and steamed inside a corn husk.

    Green Chicken Tamales:
  • Green Corn Tamales

    The pure and simple filling starts with fresh roasted green chilies and cheddar cheese. Wrapped in homemade masa infused with corn and steamed to perfection inside a corn husk.

    Green Corn Tamales:
  • Mild Chunky Salsa (Great for kids)

    In this refreshing dip we fuse Carmen's special mix of dried chilies to bring a satisfying flavor combination along with chunky vined tomatoes, cilantro, green onions.

    Homemade Jarred Salsa (Mild):
  • Red Beef Tamales (Carmens Favorite)

    Carmen has spent years of perfecting this recipe and it is beyond sensational. Slow roasted shredded beef simmered in red sauce infused with mexican chilies. Wrapped in homemade masa and steamed to perfection inside a corn husk.

  • Red Pork Tamales (Texas Style)

    Slow cooked pork is shredded and seasoned, and simmered in red sauce with cumin, fresh garlic, mexican chilies. Wrapped in homemade masa and steamed to perfection inside a corn husk.

  • Spicy Chunky Salsa (Fan Favorite)

    In this refreshing dip jalapenos are king combines chunky pieces of vined tomatoes, cilantro, green onion, and Carmen's special seasoning that is mix if various dried chilies.

    Homemade Jarred Salsa (Spicy):

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